162 Division Flash Cards Full Box Set | All Facts 0-12 | Color Coded

AWARD-WINNING: Think Thank Scholar Math Flash Cards have won the 2019 Creative Child Product of the Year Award, 2019 National Parenting Product Award, 2019 Mom's Choice Award, 2019 Family Choice Award, 2019 Tillywig Brain Child Toy Award, 2019 Hot Diggity Award, and the 2019 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

LEARN DIVISION: 162 division flashcards for students in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6. All facts 0-12, +6 bonus facts.

 UNIQUE VISUAL AIDS: Graphic illustration on back of card helps child clearly understand the math fact; also includes color coded divisors for targeted practice.

 SORT & ORGANIZE: Exclusive tab system allows adults to organize the cards their child has mastered vs unmastered. Each card includes one rounded corner and is the perfect card size for faster sorting and orientation.

 HIGHEST QUALITY: The pack of laminated math flashcards is made from high quality card stock and comes in an extra-sturdy box for storage.

 TEACHING & EDUCATION MADE FUN: Comes with 5 teaching methods and 5 fun learning games.  Also includes the full division chart (0-12) for reference.

Think Tank Scholar Division Flash Cards provide an easy, smart and effective way to make learning math fun while ensuring your child understands the fundamentals of division in preparation for complex concepts like fractions and percent. These flashcards were specially designed to boost third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students’ fact recall and math literacy.

  • Includes all facts 0-12.  This full set of162 flash cards, includes all 0-12 math facts, with division tables from basic 0÷1 to more advanced long division including 144÷12, plus 6 bonus facts.Most sets only contain a subset of the facts, leaving out important combinations like 24÷3
  • Cards haveone fact per card with the problem on the front and solution on the back. Teach your child to master simple single digit division to more difficult double and triple digit problems needed for elementary school and beyond
  • Studies show that65% of people are visual learners and that's why these cards also contain auniquely designed graphic illustration of the division problem to help children visually understand the concept behind the facts, not just the rote memorization of the answer
  • Ourextra sturdy innovative box and tab design helps the learner differentiate the mastered versus semi-mastered, and unmastered equations, allowing them to track their accomplishments and keeping them engaged
  • Non-distracting design, large bold print, and color-coded divisors help boys and girls clearly begin torecognize patterns and understand traditional concepts of dividing
  • Complete set of flash cards are made ofhigh quality card stock with a smooth, durable laminated coating; each card has one rounded corner for easy sorting and handling

This set includes 5 fundivision games:

  • Inverse: After solving a fact, ask the learner to solve the multiplication version.  i.e. 24/6 = 4, then what is 4x6?
  • Halve It: After solving a fact, if the answer is an even number, ask the learner to halve the answer.  i.e. if 24/6 = 4, then what is 4/2?
  • Slapjack: Lay out 3 cards. Call out the answer to one of the cards. The learner that slaps on the correct fact card wins the card. The learner with the most cards at the end wins.
  • War: Divide the deck in half between 2 players. Draw one card each. The person with the lower answer gets the cards. Person with the most cards at the end wins.
  • Find It: Name a number from 0-12.  Learner searches the deck to find a fact card that has that number as the answer. 

This set includes 5teaching methods:

  • Using the Tabs: The best way to use this deck is to sort the cards into 3 piles as the learner answers each fact - ones they've Mastered, ones they Kind of Know, and ones they Don't Know Yet.  Then after each session, put the cards back into the box using the included tabs to organize the piles. Storing the cards this way allows the learner to target the facts he/she needs to work on as well as easily accessing the ones they had previously mastered to do an occasional refresh.
  • Visual Charts: Each fact card contains a visual graphic on the back illustrating the answer.  Reviewing this will help reinforce the math concept behind the division fact and ultimately boost their math literacy as well as their fact recall.
  • Division Chart: Review the included division chart and point out the patterns (i.e. 12/3 = 16/4). This helps learners visualize the concept of division and develop their number sense.
  • Target Divisors: Test all the facts for one divisor at a time - note, each divisor group is color coded to make it easier to find them.  Tip: review the division chart for that number first to familiarize the learner, then test with the cards for that divisor in random order.
  • Multiple Divisors: After learner shows proficiency with multiple divisors, test multiple divisors at the same time to increase difficulty.

Think Tank Scholar’s extra design considerations make the difference in beginner and advanced learners’ complete understanding of the math concepts, thus inspiring pride in their knowledge. Here’s to a lifetime love of creative thinking and learning!