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About Us

Our mission is to inspire a lifetime love of creative thinking and learning through educational games and materials that are both fun and thought provoking.


About Our Sight Words Flash Cards

Our Sight words flash cards decks each contain 100+ of the most frequently used words that do not necessarily follow phonetic rules.  They cover up to 75% of the words found in beginning books.  Learning to automatically recognize these words without decoding them greatly increases your child's reading speed accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.  We've also included 6 different teaching strategies and games to have fun while mastering the words.  

Our Six Teaching Methods:

  1. Show a flash card.  Learner says the sight word.
  2. Show a flash card.  Learner says the sight word, then spells it.
  3. Show a flash card.  Learner says the sight word.   Then high the flash card while learner spells the word.
  4. Flash and then hide a card.  Learner says the sight word, then spells it out.
  5. Keep flash card hidden and say the sight word.  Leaner spells it without seeing the card.
  6. Gather sight word flash cards that learner has mastered.  Have learner create sentences from this list.

Six Sight Words Games Include:

  1. Complete the Sentence - Create a sentence with 1 missing word. Learner selects a sight word card that fits and reads the sentence.
  2. Create a Sentence - Give the learner a subset of flash cards. Learner then creates a sentence from the cards.
  3. Interactive Sentence - Divide the deck between two people. Take turns playing cards to create and modify a sentence.
  4. Slapjack - Lay out 3 or more flash cards within arms reach of each player. Call out one of the words. The first player to slap down on the card with that word gets to keep it. The player with the most sight word cards at the end wins.
  5. Search the Deck - Choose a sight word from the index card. Learner searches through the deck to find the corresponding card.
  6. Word Hunt - Give players old magazines, flyers, newspapers, etc. Then select a sight word (or more) from the deck. Players then race to find the sight word(s) in their magazines and receive 3 points for the first instance of the word and 1 point for each additional instance. Player with the most points wins.

Here is to a lifetime love of creative thinking and learning!