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Division Flash Card Games

Games are a great way to make math flash cards fun for kids. Research shows that play based learning can boost a learner’s attention span and retention. Here are some fun games that you can use with our division cards to enhance your child’s learning experience.

  1. Inverse: After solving a fact, ask the learner to solve the multiplication version.  i.e. 24/6 = 4, then what is 4x6?
  2. Halve It: After solving a fact, if the answer is an even number, ask the learner to halve the answer.  i.e. if 24/6 = 4, then what is 4/2?
  3. Slapjack: Lay out 3 cards within arm’s reach of each learner. Call out the answer to one of the cards. The learner that slaps on the correct fact card first wins the card. The learner with the most cards at the end wins.
  4. Find It: Call out a number from 0-12.  Learner then searches the deck to find a fact card with that number as the answer.
  5. War: Divide the deck between 2 players. Each player draws a card and calls out its answer.  The lower correct answer wins both cards. If it is a tie, then each player draws another card and calls out its answer until one player has a card that has a lower answer than the other.  Repeat drawing until both players are out of cards. The person with the most cards at the end wins.
  6. Alternate Divisors: After solving a fact, have the learner name 2 other divisors that yield the same answer.  i.e. 24/6 = 4, now name 2 other numbers that divided together equal 4 (like 48/12)?
  7. Name the Factors: After solving a fact, ask the learner to name all the factors of the divisor.  i.e. if 24/6 = 4, then what are the other factors of 24. The answer is any number that can divide evenly into 24(1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24).
  8. Prime: After solving a fact, ask the learner if the answer is a prime number.  i.e. 24/6 = 4, is 4 a prime number? A prime number is a number which cannot be divided evenly by another number other than 1 and itself.  For example, 7 is prime because it can only be divided evenly by 1 and 7.

      Have you come up with your own fun, creative game to play with your sight words cards?  We’d love to hear it! Post it to our  Facebook and  Instagram pages or email it to us at