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How do you teach preschoolers syllables?

All of our words have one, two, or more syllables.  A syllable is the part of the word that contains the sound and usually includes a vowel.  Syllables can also be described to your preschooler as the "beats" of a word. Show them how to clap their hands or tap their feet to the beat of a word. The word red has one syllable or one beat.  Your child can repeat the word red, have them clap as they say red.  The word purple has two syllables.  Your child will clap once on the -pur sound and again on the -ple sound.  Pur-ple. As your child begins to understand the idea of syllables, introduce longer words and practice clapping or tapping out the syllables together. A word like elephant will have three syllables. Your child will clap once on -ele, again on the -e, and clap again on the -phant sound. El-e-phant.